What do you want to drink?

The actual name of this day is "Name your poison" - literally translated: Name your poison.

Nowadays, of course, we no longer choose a poison that kills us, but we do choose which drink will help us feel free and carefree for a day or evening.


Today we will not talk about beer, not water, not coke. Today, Americans celebrate hard and strong alcohol. But what exactly is that?

In this country, hard alcohol is understood to be the spirits. Funnily enough, this name literally means "spiritual drink" - but whether it makes us so spiritual?! According to EU law, a spirit drink must have an alcohol content of at least 15% by volume. Only the eggnog gets away with 14 vol.%.

Who said anything about alcohol?

Among these spirits are the spirits distilled from wine - as the name suggests. The most famous eaux-de-vie are Cognac and Armagnac.

Some spirits are also produced as a by-product of wine production. For example, grappa and marc. Also, the Marc de Champagne!

Asu fruit wines can be distilled the fruit spirit. The best-known representatives here are the Apple Brandy and the cherry brandy. Also, Palinka (Hungarian) is certainly known to some.

Raspberry brandy sounds more like the spiritual drink from its name and is made from fruits that do not ferment very well due to their low sugar content.

Nature-loving and whole grain fans can fall back on Kornbrand or also Korn.

The connoisseur can try his hand at whisky here and try his hand at different tastes and places of production. From malt to Bourbon, from Scotland to German whisky. There is something for everyone.

In Germany also very well-known are of course vodka (from grain or potatoes), rum (from sugar cane), gin (schnapps with juniper), various liqueurs and also various other spirits with the most different plants and spices.


While you can certainly drink one or the other alcohol as a shot, you can also taste the sweet variety of cocktails.

The cocktails are mostly divided according to the basic ingredient - i.e. which alcohol forms the basis.

  • Vodka: 

Vodka itself tastes a little spicy, but if you mix it with the right juices, cream, fruit etc., you can create a sweet and fine drink. 

Well-known vodka cocktails are for example the Moscow Mule, Orgasm, Sex on the beach and of course also as a long drink.

  • Rum:

The most famous rum cocktail is and will probably remain the Cuba Libre. Followed by the Mai Tai and various daiquiris. 

Caution: It is necessary to distinguish between the brown and the white rum. Also, the Caipirinha, the Colada (no matter in which version) and the Mojito belong to the rum cocktails.

  • Gin:

With gin, you can definitely tell that on Long Island you have a different definition of an iced tea than maybe here. The Gin Tonic with cucumber, lemon, lime or even with berries can be enjoyed - as the name suggests - only with the addition of gin. A dry Martini or a Red Bombay is also worth mentioning here.

The whisky connoisseur of course drinks it from the whisky glass. But if you like, you can also have it as Whisky Sour.

  • Liqueur:

With the liqueurs, I don't really know where to start. At Batida Brasil or rather Blue? The Strawberry Margarita or the Caribbean Sundown. There are no limits to your imagination when mixing, blending and shaking. Whether it's a cocktail or a long drink...

Did you know?

In the USA 185,000 margaritas are drunk per hour - phew, I wouldn't survive that!